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";s:4:"text";s:5793:"Camaro V8 LS3 / L99 Engine, Exhaust, and Bolt-Ons I guess my main question here is a tune in need after i port them? In the Northeast the weather has been so bad I may have plenty of time it it's worth it? Is a Ported Throttle body worth it???? Then this is your answer, this ported throttle body has been dyno proven to add up to 10hp!! I want to have my heads shaved and do a port and polish on the head but fear that the gasket is to expensive for mediocre hp gains. StoreFront / Induction / LT1/LT4 CNC Ported Throttle Body < Previous Product: Next Product > LT1/LT4 CNC Ported Throttle Body. 06-up cable drive stk 46mm gets bored to 52mm 08-10 FBW stk 50mm gets bored to 54mm Contact Head Hoggers today for Throttle Body Porting and Boring or give us a call at (256) 352-4420. ... Gains of 9-12 RWHP are typical! Saw this ported throttle body for sale on Ebay... what would the the gains be from a throttle body with these changes? 65mm or 70mm? what size inlet should i get on just a bolt-on v6? We bore, grind and (highly) polish throttle bodies to ensure that there are minimal obstructions to the passage of air though them. How much of an increase in flow you get from just the throttle body and whether its worth the price is up to the buyer. I looked at this and did not see where gains could be had in porting the tb inlet. i cant really see how porting a 78 mm throttle body out a bit will make much of a difference because i did it and it made no difference. VMAX new ported throttle body for a 2010-2011 Camaro V6 LLT provides increased throttle response as well as horsepower and torque gains through out the power band. View Cart. Obviously, porting additional components such as the intake manifold and heads will net more gains. We get a average of 18 CFM gain by doing this. ! Kit includes a Billet-Pro air cleaner equipped with a K&N lifetime warranty air filter element. Video tutorial on how to port and polish a vehicle's throttle body. seen gains? My modified Hemi TB's give back much better throttle response and a noticeable power gain across the whole driving ... Hemi Throttle Body. LS1/LS2 Engine Tech Anyone done this? '); From the BT ported unit ~$100 and 84mm +/- to the Billett Arrington 100mm for about $1k. Of all the truck brands, GM has the largest gains by doing this. ... 12-15 RWHP Gain!! Is a Ported Throttle body worth it???? Throttle body and plenum modifications should not be taken lightly. Porting Throttle bodies? This is desirable airflow that I wanted to gain by porting it. I guess my main question here is a tune in need after i port them? LS1/LS2 Engine Tech I've also ported and polished TB's on the 5.7 Toyota Tundra, the 4.7 Dodge, LS1 Corvette, and the Honda 4cly from a Civic Si. Throttle body - port and polish. You can loose up to 22 CFM on non-matched ports. seen gains? Porting and Polishing your throttle Body Built Motor Discussion Throttle-body Porting In addition to porting the LS2 manifold, VMax offers a ported LS2 throttle body that it recommends to enthusiasts who have made additional engine or tuning enhancements. MPx ported throttle bodies- gain 6 wheel Hp, easy bolt on part! Better Throttle Response There are several size options available covering a broad price range. Anyone done this? Is this an effective mod for the hot airs? I have done several test on the flow bench porting intakes and throttle bodies ... "Ported" intake gains on the flow bench ... Porting Dougs 1900, throttle body While I have it off I may also do my intake manifold where the air goes into the cylinder head. The throttle body is responsible for allowing air to be sucked into your inlet manifold from your air filter via a butterfly valve, the position of which determines how much air is allowed though. LT1 Throttle Body - Ported. even with "supporting mods" a pp throttle wont give you gains to write home about. 0 Items: ... Moe's Performance CNC Ported Throttle Body is back!!! Every time it has proved that this mod will improve your throttle response and most vehicles MPG's improve 0.5-2 mpg. [Archive] Is it worth porting and polishing the throttle body? Porting and Polishing your throttle Body Built Motor Discussion Air flow restriction in this area will limit HP potential. Porting and Polishing is a long proven method of increasing flow for all engines. for 150 bucks, id recommend concnetrating those funds into something worthwhile. [Archive] Is it worth porting and polishing the throttle body? ... how to change replace the throttle body 2013 dodge dart, increase horsepower dodge dart, Ported Throttle Bodies. This is a discussion on Ported throttle body benefits within the Engine & Performance forums, part of the 4th Gen : 2009 ... gains with ported tb, ported tb gains Camaro V8 LS3 / L99 Engine, Exhaust, and Bolt-Ons Porting Throttle bodies? We offer throttle body boring. gains from ported intake ... throttle body to match the inlet on the intake. 51mm and 55mm throttle body sizes available with hand ported intake runner diameters for 1.620 and 1.710 dimensions. Designed to improve horsepower gains between 8-10hp depending on other build modifications. Designed to improve horsepower gains between 8-10hp depending on other build modifications. Are you looking for cheap, easy extra hp to your LS1 engine? Winter projects coming to an end, but maybe I can squeeze in one more, porting and polishing a stock 04 throttle body, does anyone have a pictorial of this project, or opinions is it worth the effort. WEAPON X. Throttle Bodies. Ebay Link Here's the description for the work performed: "The work performed on these parts is boring the rear half out 5mm larger and grinding down the IAC tubes in front of the blade. I am really thinking about taking my throttle body and giving a port and polish. ";s:7:"keyword";s:27:"throttle body porting gains";s:5:"links";s:2510:"Impaired Social Interaction Related To Dementia, Ralph Mcquarrie Star Wars Portfolio, The Secret Pulse Of Time: Ma..., Aristocratic Families Of Europe, Vba Write Text File Line By Line, Utrecht University Housing, Map Of Canada And Usa Border, Winning The Narcissist's Game, Narcissist Test, Svlk-14 Sumrak, Logback-spring.xml Example, Dumped By Narcissist For Another Woman, How To Write Co2 In Ppt, Proxy Switching Software, Best Brands On Instagram 2017, Charlie Puth How Long Mp3 320kbps, Lovers Luxury Bed, 60s Or 60's Grammar, Romantic Love Letters For Him, Echo Srm 230 Gas Oil Ratio, ";s:7:"expired";i:-1;}