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";s:4:"text";s:3766:"I would like to know why it is 'better' (if it even is?) ... or just ditch the JPEGs and shoot raw. If your files tend to be clean, you have one less reason to shoot raw. RAW vs JPEG: Is shooting RAW format for me? What does 'shooting raw' mean, and why do it? Get the lowdown on this popular image format and start getting the best image quality from your camera! to shoot in RAW? There are pros and cons to shooting in RAW, personally I wouldnt shoot without it now. Thanks for taking the time to detail the pros and cons of raw. Learn the pros and cons of Raw and JPEG files and find out why its not always better to shoot Raw. I shoot raw but often because of the noise I get shooting in low light. Learn more about which file format might best work for you when venturing into digital photography. can anyone tell me what are the pros and cons of shooting in RAW picture format? A couple of weeks ago we discussed the pros and cons of shooting in your camera's RAW format. In this basic photography lesson, learn the pros and cons of shooting in RAW vs.JPEG. Noise reduction works best, I find, starting out with a raw file. ... Nick Rains Imaging. PO Box 213 The Gap Queensland 4061 183 shares. ... and cons to consider for raw images. The RAW vs JPEG topic seems like a ... Ive gone through the RAW vs JPEG stuff. Besides file size are there any downsides to shooting RAW? Then, discover which is better if you plan to do post-production editing. What does 'shooting raw' mean, and why do it? Have you ever heard someone talking about "shooting in the raw" and wondered what they were talking about? Cons: Limited bit depth. For those who dont know what it is, RAW is a file format that has not yet been processed or compressed. chris. Shooting Auroras Live. Is it basically for editting purposes that you would want to shoot in RAW verses JPG? In general shooting in RAW format uses a lot more file storage than JPEG. Ben Long lays out four situations in which you'll want to use it. Get the lowdown on this popular image format and start getting the best image quality from your camera! You may want to do a search. What am I gaining when shooting RAW? nikon b700er wrote: can anyone tell me what are the pros and cons of shooting in RAW picture format? Besides file size are What am I gaining when shooting RAW? So now you see the difference. What is RAW and why should you use it? Keeping the shutter speed up in low light with action has a price, particularly with my aging D90 and slow glass. Let's take a few minutes to examine both formats! A Post By: Jim Hamel... Shares... Share... Share... ... looking at the pros and cons of shooting RAW files and JPEGs. Hey everyone, So, I have a question for you shooting in RAW-mode. The Pros, Cons, and Myths of the Adobe Raw File Format. I most certainly can live with the CONs of shooting in RAW. Upgrading to a camera that features RAW format is one of the best choices we can make as a photographer, but how does this actually affect our job? If so, when's the best time to do so? ... what are the advantages of shooting in RAW? In order to take full advantage of all the benefits of Lightroom and Aperture you should be shooting RAW! Understanding RAW Files Explained ... Pros and Cons. Other file formats such as JPG or PNG suffer from compression and a lot of data and In certain games with Nvidia Ansel support, you can enable the option to shoot RAW. Does your camera allow you to shoot in raw mode? What is Raw, or RAW? chris. Is Shooting RAW+JPEG the Best of Both Worlds? In general shooting in RAW format uses a lot more file storage than JPEG. what are the pros and cons of shooting in RAW format. Debate continues among photographers about the pros and cons of shooting JPEG versus Raw images. 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