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";s:4:"text";s:3780:"... Best Trained Air Force Pilots. Here are 10 of the greatest fighter pilots that have ever lived. Heroics of British First World War fighter pilots go online. Here we will discuss the best fighter pilots ever. Well-trained pilots can make the most of older planes, while a fancy new aircraft is no good if the pilot doesnt get much flight time, or engages in realistic combat training. My pick: 1. United Kingdom 5. Here we will talk about best pilots ever in the world. Steven Shaw. Share ... Best of the Web. Nevertheless, every country will have a few star performers equal to the best fighter pilots anywhere. So, who might have the best fighter pilots among those countries with significant aerial combat experience over the last 25 years? Today I would venture to say the fighter pilots of both countries are now probably equal, and probably both the best in the world overall. Which Nations produce the best trained pilots in the world? Best Fighter of World War Two. Russian pilots are among the best in the world, ... Top Ten Fighter Jets in the World. So what are the best and worst fighter aircraft of all time? Those who possessed the best maneuvering traits, spatial awar Pakistan 4. ... With 57 victories he went on to become one of the highest scoring British fighter pilots of the First World War. Which Nations produce the best trained pilots in the world? Chinese and Russian fighter pilots have been testing their skills in an unprecedented series of maneuvers in southeast Russia. Top 10 Best Fighter Planes of World ... about the best fighter planes of world war ii. Those who possessed the best maneuvering traits, spatial awareness and marksmanship define history as the greatest aerial aces. Fighter aircraft is the military aircraft designed primarily for air to air combat against other aircraft Germany And they can and will shoot you down just as easy as anyone else. Fighter pilots are perhaps the deadliest yet most detached warriors to ever engage in battle. Which is the best fighter aircraft in the world? On top of being the best British pilot in a twin-engine craft (the De Havilland Mosquito) Braham was also one of Britains most successful nighttime fighter pilots. Which is the greatest modern fighter and why? What air force, what nationality. Fighter aces as Erich Hartmann or the Red Baron are well known how many kills and what other great achievements? I heard quite a lot of trainers in the US AF were British. The Best Fighter Pilots Generally speaking, all the world's top militaries have high-quality training programs, which produce pilots with excellent. In almost every case, the intent was to bolster morale of the home troops (actually home pilots) by proving their steed was the best. ... is best remembered by the ... most beloved fighter pilot during World War I. ... And the F-22 is the best fighter in the world right now. Isreal 2. Airplanes are used for traveling to different places on which people love to travel M. M. Alam was the first ever honored fighter pilot for PAF, listed on top in the hall of fame list at the PAF Museum in Karachi. Germany Fighter pilots are perhaps the deadliest yet most detached warriors to ever engage in battle. Top 10 Legendary Fighter Pilots The 10 Bravest Fighter Pilots Of All Time. My pick: 1. (Worldkings) Here is the list of top ten best fighter pilots in the world and they are as follows: Read more about best fighter pilots of all time January 19, 2012 . 8 Celebrity Air Aces Of The First World War. By. United States 3. United States 3. Which country is considered to have the best fighter pilots in the world? United Kingdom 5. 6 Famous WWI Fighter Aces. Pakistan 4. Alam is considered as a national Which Nations produce the best trained pilots in the world? Isreal 2. 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