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";s:4:"text";s:4757:"Directions. Equivalent Weight. For hydrochloric acid (HCl) the equivalent weight is 36.46 grams. Therefore, for making an 1 Normal solution, 36.46 g/liter of HC1 is needed. In terms of grams the equivalent weight is equal to ... weight of phosphoric acid is 1/3 the mass ... between equivalents and milliequivalents. For an 1 N solution we need 1 equivalent/liter. The gram formula weight of phosphoric acid is 98.00 g/mol, and the density of 85.0% phosphoric acid is 1.685 g/mL. Basicity of sulphuric acid is 2. This page contains the name, formula, molar mass, molarity, grams per liter, percent by weight and density of many commercial acids and bases Phosphoric Acid. Phosphorous based acids like phosphoric acid ( H 3 P O 4 ), phosphorous acid ( H 3 P O 3 ) and hypo-phosphorous acid ( H 3 P O 2 ) need special mention here to understand their basicity. Phosphoric acid is corrosive on the skin and eyes. Hence, equivalent weight of oxalic acid (H 2 C 2 O 4) is (2X1 + 2X12 + 4X16)/2 = 90/2=45. It's unnecessary to multiple the numbers of ions. Scale Removal: For small jobs estimate Normality is the molecular weight divided by the grams per equivalent (all this results in the number of equivalents) in a given volume. For instance, Al2O3 is express as 27/3 +16/2=17. so 19.98 milli moles NaOH corresponds to 6.66 milli moles of acid. There is more than one phosphoric acid. Objectives To find the equivalent weight of an unknown acid. Monoprotic acids have one equivalent per mole, so the weight of one equivalent is the same as the weight of one mole. Equivalent Weight of an Unknown Acid. Caution: Wear gloves, eye protection and protective clothing. The formula for the acid is H3PO3. Chemistry. What is the equivalent weight of Mg(OH) 2 and H3PO4? Phosphoric acid | H3PO4 or H3O4P ... also known as orthophosphoric acid or phosphoric(V) ... phosphoric acid (equivalent to about 17 M). The valence factor of an acid is equal to its basicity. seeing as 6.66 milli moles of OH- was used, the equivalent amount of protons were also titrated. The gram formula weight of phosphoric acid is 98.00 g/mol, and the density of 85.0% phosphoric acid is 1.685 g/mL. Here's our solution: The formula for phosphoric acid is H 3 PO 4. For example, Sodium chloride's equivalent weight can Phosphoric Acid may also be used as a raw material or process aid for many industrial, agricultural and food manufacturing processes. The equivalent weight of an acid or a base is the mass (in grams) that contains one equivalent. To calculate the equivalent weight of a compound, simply add up the sum of equivalent weight of the ions. Mass is the amount of matter in something, while weight is the gravitational pull on a mass. The molecular weight of a compound is the weight (in grams) of one mole. Unlike phosphoric acid (H3PO4), phosphorus acid only has two H's that are acidic. To calculate the equivalent weight of a compound, simply add up the sum of equivalent weight of the ions. Phosphorous based acids like phosphoric acid (H 3 P O 4), phosphorous acid (H 3 P O 3) and hypo-phosphorous acid (H 3 P O 2) need special mention here When you have compounds, the equivalent weight is the molecular weight divided by either the # of acidic Hs # of basic OHs valence of the element of interest. Phosphoric Acid may be used with CIP equipment, spray systems, soak tanks or manually. Also inhalation and ingestion must be avoided. (ortho, meta) If you are talking about H 3 PO 4: Equivalent weight of a compound mainly depends on ... What is the gram equivalent weight of phosphorous acid Equivalent weights may be calculated from molar masses if the chemistry of the substance is well known: sulfuric acid has a molar mass of 98.078(5) g mol 1, and supplies two moles of hydrogen ions per mole of sulfuric acid, so its equivalent weight is 98.078(5) g mol 1 /2 eq mol 1 = 49.039(3) g eq 1. Equivalent weight of an acid. Equivalent weight isn't really a weight-- it's a mass. Plz explain in detail and then answer the following question. For example, Sodium chloride's equivalent weight can be express as 23 /1 +35.5/1=58.5. Video: Equivalent Weight: ... Our prompt is: What is the equivalent weight of phosphoric acid? The equivalent weight of phosphoric acid ( ) h3po4 in the reaction, naoh h3po4 nah2po4 h2o - 1870533 multiply that by the formula mass of phosphoric acid to get your answer. Since we're only dealing with different chemical compounds on Earth, and we're dealing with chemistry, it's acceptable to interchange weight and mass. The molecular weight of phosphorous acid is 82. so every 3 moles of NaOH corresonds to 1 mole of phosphoric acid. Calculate the molar mass of Phosphoric Acid in grams per mole or search for a chemical formula or substance. 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