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";s:4:"text";s:3507:"CS majors do not typically work in IT departments, CIS majors or those with Business Administration degrees might; but those are not Computer Science degrees. Computer and Information Science is a broad field of study with many majors and specialties available to suit different interests. Explore computer science studies and whether it's the right major for you. I was a computer science major ... (at least, that's how it is at MIT in regards to Harvard). ... a major that has a ... or am I just not suited for computer science? Computer Science Major At Stanford, most students interested in learning about computing major in computer science. I recently took an Intro To Computers course which was a full introductory course to how computers work ranging from software to hardware. I'm reading posts that say only the brightest and most competative go to comp. How Hard is Computer Science (self.compsci) submitted 1 year ago by dmiller9964. Is computer science for you? Six Reasons Why Studying Computer Science Is Worth It. ... homework and programming assignments of medium to hard difficulty ... is a 3rd year PhD student in Computer Science FInally, how hard is the major? Job Interview Question Database: Questions with Excellent Sample Responses. The Comp classes are simple for me but it really depends on who teaching it and the materials at hand. I would like to know how hard it is the mathematics part in the computer science undergraduate course. Hey Y'all Junior in High School here. As a Computer Science major you will typically be doing development; whether that is a startup or an established company is your choice. I hear a lot about it being extremely difficult though. Is a computer science degree suitable for someone with no ... being good at a computer science major? Learn more about this field of Within the CS major, students can pursue many different interests such as artificial intelligence, programming languages, systems and networking, graphics, databases, theory of computation, human/computer interaction, ... the six realities of being a computer science major: 1. I really enjoy computer science, and I would like to make it my future career. I'm a graduating Comp Sci major myself at Cal State Northridge and I hate math. Is this true? I really enjoy computer science, and I would like to make it my future career. How difficult is it to major in computer science without any prior (high school) experience, assuming above average intelligence? Computer Science is a hard major but if its something that you like and enjoy then it might not be as hard for you. Learn how to find schools and universities with strong programs for this major. Computer Science is a hard major but if its something that you like and enjoy then it might not be as hard for you. Students can pursue majors in Information Technology, Computer Science, Computer Programming, Computer Systems, Computer Networks, Information Science, Data Entry and Others. Best Answer: I did a Bachelors in Computer Science, and have to tell you it's not hard as people make it out to be. Should someone who is not great at Math take Computer Science or Mechanical Engineering? science. Is a computer science degree suitable for someone with no ... good at a computer science major? Is getting a CS degree supposed to be really hard? Find answers to important life and education questions on the TSR forums: How hard is a computer science degree? I hear a lot about it being extremely difficult though. 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