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";s:4:"text";s:2871:"How to Identify Drugs. Dear Drugs-Forum readers: ... Drug info - How can you tell the difference from china white and ... how can a black tar be a white powder? Afghan brown, black tar, Colombian white. www.rcmp.gc.ca. (1) ... Talking about a possible drug problem is an expression of your ... even if s/he doesn't want to tell you. ... different levels of purity for one drug. Afghan brown, black tar, Colombian white. Cocaine is a white powder that is commonly snorted through the ... How do I know if it's ... pics of different drugs. A critical part of understanding teen drug use is awareness about drug paraphernaliathe items kids use to hide or consume drugs. Did you know there is a home drug test out there that allows you to find out what that powder is, or what those ashes are from? Dear Drugs-Forum readers: We are a ... Drug info - How can you tell the difference from china white and ... how can a black tar be a white powder? Alcohol (Beer, wine, liquor, ... Heroin is a narcotic drug, ranging from a white to dark brown powder, synthesized from morphine. Alcohol ... GHB is a clear, salty, odorless liquid or white powder that acts as a depressant. Description: White powder. I found white powder...Is my loved one doing cocaine? ... GHB is available as a colorless, odorless liquid, a white powder, and a pill. ... How to Identify Drug Paraphernalia Look for white powder on the person's nose and belongings. Experiences - How to tell quality of meth ... easier to tell. TELL TALE SIGNS OF DRUG USE. Sometimes it's made into a white pill or a clear or white shiny rock (called a crystal). Possible? TELL TALE SIGNS OF DRUG USE. If it's white and chunky (may not be) and has a numbing effect on the tongue, it's cocaine. I think it might be cocaine, but how do I tell? Methamphetaminemeth for shortis a white, bitter powder. How can I tell if a white powder in a drug deal is really cocaine or not? cocaine isnt the only drug that is a white powder. Is there an easy way to test whether a bag of white powder is in fact ketamine? Drug Identification Chart: Methamphetamine. Drug Information page, covering all the most popular drugs in detail. General Questions Not sure what that powder is? (liquid X, Georgia Home Boy) This includes links to legal drug vendors and PM ... gram bag and around a quarter of it was filled with this white powder. Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Wondering what was in the bag you found? It really depends on the powder. All distinct physical and chemical variations of "street" heroin. ... white powder that is usually snorted or injected ... How to Identify Drugs; How to Tell if Someone is on Drugs; How can I tell if someone put a date rape drug in my drink? [Archive] Identifying heroin (or another drug) by taste. ... online it can tell you what it is. amphetamine and Methamphetamine Do you think it could be a drug? 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