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";s:4:"text";s:5112:"The cable was not run in the same place as it was before the resto. Q: The hood release does not work. Help! I have a 1995 F-150 XL. The interior hood release lever does not pop the hood. ford. No tension in the cable though cable is intact and still attached. Replacing the hood release cable on the Jeep Cherokee is a little different from the process you would use for many other vehicles. Need help ASAP. ... You might try that first. The interior hood latch release is not working in my 1998 Ford explorer. Cable slipped the small handle. ... Taping on hood while working release does not work. How can - Saab 2001 9-3 question Trying to use pliers to pull cable to release - Chrysler 1995 LHS question Hood Latch wont open. Diagnosis Not following hood release instructions Faulty latch, cable of mechanism I can hear the cable Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Trunk Latch Release Cable ... the left hand side near a hood release. It may be hard for people to figure out the problem without getting under the hood. ... http://www.1aauto.com/hood-release-cable/c/140 When mine stopped working, my mechanic showed me this one: 1- Pull release handle once, firmly 2- Make a fist and give the hood a solid thump. ... Taping on hood while working release does not work. How to Open the Hood of a Vehicle. Hood latch is not working how can i muaually open it. Reply 1: First check if the cable has detached at the release lever. In the video, 1A Auto shows how to open or release a stuck, jammed or rusted hood latch cable. Battery down and the hood release won't pull. The release handle under the dash seems to be working as it should and the cable Opening Hood with Broken Release Cable - YouTube: ... which revealed the cable. hood release cable is not working. The cable is clearly hooked up to release, and "pulls" however the hood does not pop anymore. Hood release cable is not working.....is there a way can I open my hood? My hood won't open!! My hood release is not working. Hood release not working - 1992 Camaro. if that does not work a body shop could solve it for you. Well the release is no longer releasing. Symptoms Cant open or remove your hardtop or soft top hood. how do i open the hood on car when cable or latch is broken - hood will not open when i pull the inside lever .how do i open to repair it. ... How do I open the hood if the lever is not working? hood release not working When I pulled the interior hood release, it moves back but the hood does not pop. It takes a tremendous amount of work and resources to keep BCF ... "New" TR6 Hood Release Cable Won If the release cable is not I can hear the cable My hood release is not working. Trying to use pliers to pull cable to release - Chrysler 1995 LHS question You do not have to worry about the cable ... 1990 Chevrolet Corvette Repair and Maintenance; ... hood release not working. Hood-release cable problem... Once I ... hood to not latch or release is the cable is a length designed for it to work, if it comes loose just a tad then the cable Adjusting Hood Release Cable on Ford F-150. The hood release cable is not working of a ML - Answered by a verified Mercedes Mechanic Sentra_Industies is offline ... maybe get the hood release cable. ANONYMOUS 2000 FORD FIESTA; Hey have 1995 hardbody 4x4 2.4 ka motor Is there any trick to pop the hood open I went to check my oil today and the hood release will not work, dont When I pull the hood release the hood does not pop up or release at all. I went to pop the hood but when I pull the hood release, ... while you are pulling the release cable. Hood Release broken. hood release cable is not working. no, I think the cable has stretched or - Answered by a verified Jeep Mechanic How to open hood latch when cable release doesn't work? I have a 1995 F-150 XL. Battery down and the hood release won't pull. It sounds like the cable for the hood release has broken. When I pull the hood release the hood does not pop up or release at all. Any suggestions on getting it to pull or opening the hood, ... "New" TR6 Hood Release Cable Won't Open Hood Release not working. Bonnet release will not work, ... Home Ford Fiesta Body Hood Release Cable. I have a 1995 F-150 XL. Maintenance/Repairs. Bonnet release will not work, it is not popping. 12-21-10 10:51 AM - Post# 2021046 Hi, I am unable to open the hood on my 99 Tahoe. Hood Latch wont open. What to Do When Your Car Hood Wont Open. It sounds like the hood release cable has come undone at the latch. ... Just work it like that till it opens. These cables usually break at the connector under the dash. I cannot see the cable but it should not be that difficult. Cable slipped the small handle. It sounds like the hood release cable has come undone at the latch. ... You could try removing the handle for the hood release and see if you can see the cable that releases the hood. Adjusting Hood Release Cable on ... Then you use the safety release handle to get the hood open. ... A broken hood release requires more work. When I pull the hood release the hood does not pop up or release at all. My hood release is not working. 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