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";s:4:"text";s:4112:"TERA: Fate of Arun is getting a new class: the fast-moving, high-DPS, ranged Gunner. TERA is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG from developer Bluehole Studios, and publishers En Masse Entertainment and Gameforge. Gunner Characteristics: Burst DPS, Ranged, Heavy Armor. But the true beauty of the Gunner is how freely it lets you move. I. Glyph Points 0 / 55. Gunners are fast-moving, high-DPS ranged combatants who never stop to ask questionsthey're too busy shooting first! It doesn't seem to be by the gunner trainer, which is where all the other glyphmasters are. The patch, currently due for release on May 5, will add the fast-moving, ranged DPS class, will launch alongside the MMO's arrival on Steam. Any idea to when we'll be getting this change as I definetly want to change my gunner to an Elin Especially, RAN ONLINE PH and ZhyperMU. But, to be honest, the end-game story content leaves much to be desired. I've reached level 65 with a character. Under TERA's current design, the Gunner might have been a quirky but otherwise formulaic classlittle better than a sorcerer without the robes. Tell us about 120 crit factor gunner in VSHM. Hurray. Here, you can learn more about online gaming. Free to play MMORPG TERA has added two new additions to the Korean version of the game, the Elin Gunner and Male Brawler. Gunner's skills will be updated soon. P.S I'm angry because the whole forum is full of your messages, but you don't even know what you're talking about in most TERA: Fate of Arun is set to get a new Gunner class in its next major update. There is no such thing as movement speed build and even if you sqeeze some out of it, it is completely wrong. In TERA the Selling NA Tera accounts with 10 level 60-65 characters Note: Characters with lots of cosmetics a Join Facebook to connect with Tera Gunner and others you may know. The gunner is a solidly-armored, ranged dps class. Welcome to the Windy Weather Website. ... TERA logo, images, game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of Bluehole Studios and its licensors. Yes and yes! is adding the Gunner class in its May 5th patch. The fantasy MMO is also arriving on Steam that same day. Is it any good? The Board of Education honored the Bob Jones Math Team for recently ranking 4th in the nation. Pinnacle Game Profiler enables the use of virtually any game controller (gamepad, joystick, etc.) The additional character slot is only available once per account Any idea to when we'll be getting this change as I definetly want to change my gunner to an Elin Archer Berserker Gunner Lancer Mystic Priest Reaper Slayer Sorcerer Warrior. These are musings from my vantage point on the Oregon South Coast. The Gunner patch will increase the maximum number of unlockable character slots per server from 12 to 13. TERA. Does not work for brawlers, gunners, ninjas, or valkyries.] This guide contains my opinions and facts on what Click for a larger view. Was it any fun? No surprise, it was a gunner. En Masse strives to publish only the very best massively multiplayer online games in the world. Hello friends. Check out this teaser trailer for the Gunner class which will be available to players on May 5, 2015. Welcome to my blog spot. Effective from every part of the battlefield, the gunner uses a variety of potent attacks to pound foes, including some fueled completely by Willpower. I can't find the glyphmaster for gunners in Velika. Madison City Schools, AL ... BJHS Math Team. What happens when you dbut a class called The Gunner with a field full of targets nearby? with any PC game. Jhazys Guide for Gunner DPS Updated as of 7/17/15 Hello, I'm Jhazy. Any idea to when we'll be getting this change as I definetly want to change my gunner to an Elin Class Overview. Join Facebook to connect with Tera Gunner and others you may know. Tera Gunner is on Facebook. Tera Gunner is on Facebook. What are your top ten tips for people coming in to try out Tera on console tomorrow? Kritika Online is an anime-inspired free-to-play fantasy MMORPG where players can slay hordes of monsters in instanced zones while going on quests. 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