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";s:4:"text";s:3309:"... Psexec/bat credentials question ... the only way the script starts with psexec is under admin credentials. ... Could not start PSEXESVC service on ... PSExec/CPAU Access Denied for Local Admin. PsExec -s -> Access Denied. I'm trying to open a command prompt on a remote server (Windows 2008 server). I'm trying to open a command prompt on a remote server (Windows 2008 server). I tried many time and always got access denied in the cmd. ... net localgroup administrators user /add' resulting in 'Access is Denied'. PSExec/CPAU Access Denied for Local Admin. While I'm using PSEXEC.exe getting 'Access denied' error for remote systems. I posted this question on SO, but I realized it's probably better suited here. psexec - What am I doing wrong? Local admin - LAPS - Domain admin. Meanwhile all looks works pretty well. Any idea about how to solve this? Is it possible to use psexec to execute a command on a remote machine without having admin privileges on the remote machine? psexec Access denied: Post Reply ... Login into my PC with a domain admin. The simplest example: echo thisText > C:\test.txt This works with local Admin, but I do not know how to get this or various other scripts to work with Domain Admin. The psexec module is often used by penetration testers to obtain access to a given system that you ... PSExec Pass the Hash. ... even with specifying -h PsExec was still failing with "Access Denied". When I tried to create a file in that directory I was denied access ... admin account for domain ... account-control-and-security-boundaries/ Access ... service on target machine. Could not start PsExec service on target machine. psexec: Access is Denied? Could not start PSEXESVC service on [MachineName]: Access is denied. My command is. 0. Inspired by my previous question here, I've been experimenting with PSExec. User Account Control (UAC) and PsExec. Experts Exchange > Questions > PSEXEC Access Denied using local ... psexec.exe \\Domain ... there is no need for admin$ access, if the psexec psexec -u domain\user -p password \\machineName 2. How to REALLY hurt yourself with PSEXEC - Deleting the Undeletable Registry Key and ... "Access Denied." Hi, I am trying to execute psexec command to remote machine. ... networked together in a workgroup without a server or domain controller. ... Windows Server. PsExec - How Do They *Do ... when a limited account issues the psexec. 1. running cmd2 file without admin == Access denied. ... but it seems a bit extreme to give it admin access ... Do I need any special permissions to psexec into a server? ... and being a local admin or even a domain admin ... no access". Upon trying to enable remote command execution using PSExec, I ran into an issue trying to login with a local administrator account on my remote server: Access is denied. If this is Apache on windows you can change the service to run as a domain account, psexec I'm trying to use PsExec to start a process on a remote machine. ... has access to but everytime i try and run it I get access denied even though I can ... is a domain admin Run it as a domain admin. Hello, I've installed Windows 10 on my PC. The first thing you do is to download the PsExec from the ... INSERT_DOMAIN_NAME\INSERT_ADMIN_SBS ... Getting access to the My Documents redirected folders. 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